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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Visit to EPIC-- Part 2

Earlier this week, I toured a medical software company with some 7th graders at our school.  The hallways are decorated very artistically and contain many works of sculpture and paintings.   For part one of my visit to EPIC, go here!

I LOVED this one!

A unique sculpture made of computer parts.  Kind of reminds me of Louise Nevelson.

Fabric art on the wall

This was a celestial hallway.  Yes, this is in the office building!

Also in the hallway... a heaven/hell junction.

This was my favorite hallway.  It was very light and airy feeling.

Wouldn't you love to have chairs like this in a conference room?

pretty flowers.. totally my style

The head of this is made out of a scrubby brush thing.

Can you believe this office building also has a slide!?


Rina said...

Marcia -

Love it! Thanks for posting. It is so wonderful that any company (much less a medical software firm?) celebrates the arts and local artists. What a fab field trip. Your students are very lucky.


Phyl said...

I LOVE the celestial-feeling hallway. And the clock. And the bird. And the slide... I want to work there and I don't even know what they do!!


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