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Monday, March 26, 2012

Contour Line Drawings of Shoes

 Contour Drawings  The students observed the details and lines on their shoes.  They completed a contour line study of their footwear.  Next, they turned these drawings into "miniature playgrounds" for stick people.  Contour drawing helps define and explore edges through line and locates one object in relationship to another. It also establishes an expressive and accurate representation of the subject by the richness of the lines, thick or thin, crisp or soft, and the speed and rhythm with which they are drawn. Contour drawing enables the artist to develop the illusion of volume through space and line.


Deepa Gopal Sunil said...

Hello Marcia

I am one of the new additions to your blog -Artists in Blogland. I was unable to get your mail id and so commenting here. Happy to be part of your blog and I have entered my post for the fisrt time in your March Theme - Passion.

Warm Wishes

Flogistix said...

I really like your art. . .thanks for showing it to me..keep it up..
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