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Friday, December 10, 2010

Art Teacher Blog Directory

I posted this before and I thought a reposting would be nice. Add your art teacher blog to this directory and then repost it to your website. The more people who repost and add it to the list will help all of us get more traffic to our blogs.


Art Project Girl said...

I posted it! Thanks good idea. It was easy too!

Barbarasthoughtoftheday said...

I'm trying to post this, but the images aren't appearing on my blog. Any idea why that might be?

Art Project Girl said...

Thanks! I just referred them to your blog so I don't have to deal with the hassle of fixing a broken link. I will keep checking here to see who posts!

Marcia said...

I think you actually have to go to the inlinks page to copy and paste it. It's been so long since I copied the original thing..

Marcia said...

I'm confused too now. Check this:

It looks like some of the people's links aren't showing up?

Phyl said...

OOPS. I added my link, but I put MY name (phyl) in instead of my BLOG name (There's a Dragon in my Art Room). I can't seem to find a way to change it. Any ideas anyone?

Ms. Amy said...

I signed up, and and reposted the directory, but now my link isn't showing up. solutions?

Marcia said...

If yours didn't show up, just try to resubmit it?

kszwahl said...

I had a couple tries at posting the links but ended up just posting the Vivid Links address because it worked so well. And by the way I am a new follower! Love your blog!

Marcia said...

Cool thanks! I already follow your blog :)

Mrs. Hahn said...

Wow! You got a bunch more today and I'm seeing your blog posted all over the place. Great job with your post and our new social network!

Mrs. Hahn said...

How do we post this inlinkz art directory to our blog roll? Is there a URL or a site that you can give us?

Marcia said...

If anyone is having trouble,
go to this website:

Kathy said...

Thank you for creating this opportunity to connect with other art teachers.

Fine Lines said...

Thanks for organizing this. I joined, but the process of posting the directory to my blog is more than I want to get into right now so I posted a link to your post on my blog.

Patty Palmer said...

I just checked out the link to get more info on posting the entire collection to my blog (I'm having trouble posting on a wordpress page). It costs $2 a month to post more than one thumbnail. Did anyone else find a way around it?

Anonymous said...

Love all the wonderful pictures and projects!
I use arts and crafts to motivate the reluctant writers in grades 1-3 - I use upcycled items to do this. Want to know more? Please read my blog and share your thoughts.

Bellafiore said...

I want to change the name of what I posted here on your blog. How do I do that? I don't seem to see a red x which is how you delete and redo a post. I would like to change #58, but can't do it.

Marcia said...

What do you want to change it to? I will see if I can do it.

Mrs. Hahn said...

I'm not able to click on the teachers on the right side of this post. They are under your side bar. Anyone having the same problem? Solutions?

Kristyn said...

Thank are bringing me traffic. Yay! I would encourage everyone to add each other to their blogroll :)

sleepyhead designs studio said...

What a great list! Thanks for putting this together! I'm a new follower now too!

Art Project Girl said...

I'm having so much fun checking out everyone's blogs! Great work. Great idea!!! I never knew about a lot of these.

Angie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marcia said...

Angie, you should try to add it again. There appears to have been some glitches. I don't know how to fix the other problems people are having. Sorry!

redhead31100 said...

I'm s-l-o-w-l-y getting this going, but I'm officially on here! Thanks!

Karen said...

This is becoming my favorite resource! Thanks and happy New Year!!!

Barbara said...

Thanks so much to you for putting this together. It's wonderful that everyone is willing to share their best ideas and inspire more collaborative idea sharing.

Gail said...

Hey Marcia,
Thanks so much for this!! I added it as a link in my sidebar so anyone clicking on it comes straight to your blog and gets the updated list.

ARoadman said...

It is great finding fellow art teachers all in one spot. I have switched from teaching elem. to HS and have found many more blogs dedicated to the younger age level. Any specific recommendations for MS/HS art?

Marcia said...

Thanks everyone for posting this to your blog! I can tell a lot more people have been visiting my blog and I hope they have found your blog as well. As for ms/hs art, this is a cool blog: Although now it appears that she has taken a different position at a museum, but you can still look through her archives for other lessons.

Miss Kati Oetken said...

I tried cutting and pasting, but for some reason it keeps posting the same thing twice, but I loved the concept, so I made it a link on my blog! Thank you for this!

Anonymous said...

hey, I was just wondering if you check out the sites that are linked to your vivid colors? I had this as a link on my page until I previewed a site that is not an art teachers site....It has links that Im not sure my parents would appreciate their kids having access to.

The Art Teacher said...

I think this is a great idea, but I'm having some trouble linking my blog. Thanks anyway - love your blog!

Crafty Moira said...

I'm not sure how to add this to my blog... I did add my link though!

Paula Cohen said...

Hi, I've reposted a link. In fact I've posted it before but my blog doesn't seem to show up on the directory. Any ideas about what I'm doing wrong?

Marcia said...

Go back to this page. There is a little blue button at the bottom of the directory which says "add your link". You need to add your link to that. This button may not have been there, because the inlinkz tool has a time limit and I had to reset it. Thanks!

Mrs. C said...

Thanks! I just linked this page onto my blog since I didn't know how else to do it. :)

joey said...
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The Helpful Art Teacher said...
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2 Soul Sisters said...

Trying to post and link but what I added for our blog at is showing up black and not linked. Love this idea!

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