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Drawing Prompts

ONLY $5 for 11 prompts!

The Weekly Doodle is a PDF file of 11 drawing prompts.  These prompts are geared towards children in grades K-6.    
These sheets are great for the art teacher who is looking for printable drawing prompts for art centers, sketchbook assignments, free draw time or substitute lesson plans.

Classroom teachers and homeschooling parents can use these as enrichment activities or stations.

I have been an art teacher for 9 1/2 years teaching various age groups.  When I first started teaching, one of the challenges I faced was that students finish their artwork at all different times.  I wanted to have enrichment activities for kids who successfully finished the lesson.  I think these prompts can be adaptable for a variety of ages.  I like to use drawing prompts as starting points for the child’s creativity.  If a student chooses to put their “own spin” on the prompt, I encourage them to make the artwork their own.  

The sample below is one of the eleven sheets you will receive in this PDF download.  Each of the "Weekly Doodle" sheets is ready to print and pass out to students.  The supplies needed are very basic.. markers, pens, scissors, stencils, etc.  There are optional supplies (such as pictures of masks) that can be easily found on the internet.

Here is the contents of the packet:
1.  Doodling with Stencils
2.  Cultural Symbols
3.  Draw Your Family
4.  Drawing a Frame
5.  Marvelous Masks
6.  Microscopic Friends
7.  A Team of Robots (pictured above)
8.  A Page of Doodles
9.  Writing Backwards
10.  Shape Animals
11.  Making a Stencil

If you purchase this packet, please allow 24 hours for me to email it to you.  You will receive it in a PDF.  That means you will need Adobe Acrobat to download it.  You have permission to print these off as many times as you need.  You can share them with other teachers in your school district.  Please do not e-mail the PDF to other people, post it to a blog/website or resell The Weekly Doodle in parts or whole.  

The cost is only $5!  All of the money I earn from the drawing sheets will be used to buy more art books, art supplies and further my own artistic professional development.  

ONLY $5 for 11 prompts!


Keri Pye said...

I wanted to get these but the link just took me to Paypal?

Marcia said...

Keri, the link will take you right to paypal. You should sign in and then the info should come up. Let me know if you have any questions.

Marcia said...
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