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Friday, April 1, 2011

Professional Development Plan

Well.. I don't have any pictures to show you right now.  We are finishing up a whole bunch of really cool projects...  K- finished Rainbow Fish pictures  1- color mixing exercise 2- finished a Dr. Suess unit/color collage  3- finished monochromatic paintings  3/4- painted landscapes  4/5-  finishing a mosaic/fresco unit  5/6-  most are finishing up a knight sculpture and then working on a concrete poem,  next week we are starting illuminated letters.  I just have to take pictures of the ones that are finished now.

I've been also working really hard on my PDP.  In Wisconsin, every 5 years to become recertified you need to make a professional development plan, outlining goals and your plans to meet those goals.   When I was trying to write mine, I wanted to look up examples from other art teachers and I really couldn't find any sample plans that were specifically for art teachers.  Maybe this will help someone else out when you are writing a professional growth plan.  Here is a brief outline of my plan.  I have left out some of the information that is extraneous.  The whole thing is several pages long.

Description of Goal to be Addressed: 
     I will research and develop a sequential visual arts curriculum so that my students will acquire a solid foundation of core art skills. 

Rationale for Goal:
     Our school focuses on interconnecting disciplines.  For example, the 4/5 class studies Egypt in Social Studies and Egyptian art in my class.  The art curriculum is project-based and connects well with other subjects.  Currently, the written curriculum needs to have all the core skills that we teach (ie. Perspective, shading, sequential handbuilding skills in clay.) written in a sequential manner. I feel it is important for the students to receive a solid foundation in these basic skills.  With my professional goal, I will weave together a curriculum that combines both interdisciplinary concepts and fundamental art skills.  I will focus on Wisconsin Teacher Standard #1:  The teacher understands the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the disciplines he or she teaches and can create learning experiences that make these aspects of subject matter meaningful for pupils.  I will also address Standard #7:  The teacher organizes and plans systematic instruction based upon knowledge of subject matter, puils, the community, and curriculum goals. 

Plan to Meet Goal/Objectives

Objective 1:    I will deepen my understanding of teaching strategies that build foundational art skills.
  • Read articles about the stages of drawing and clay development.
  • Research curriculum outlines from other schools.
  • Observe other teachers in their classroom to gain insights on management, teaching strategies and assessment.
  • Attend conference workshops focusing on the teaching of core art skills.
  • Study brain-based educational research.

OBJECTIVE 2:  I will develop a sequential K-6 art curriculum focusing on solid core skills as well as interdisciplinary connections.
  • Review existing curriculum.
  • Inventory, review and obtain materials for each grade level.
  • Develop grade level goals and objectives.
  • Finalize the curriculum review for K-6 art.

OBJECTIVE 3:  I will implement and analyze the effectiveness of the sequential curriculum.
  • Document teaching on a personal blog.
  • Assess student progress through pre and post skills tests, rubrics and self-assessment.
  • I will be observed and evaluated by a peer teacher or administrator to receive feedback.

OBJECTIVE 4:  I will expand my personal skills and understanding of core art concepts, especially in drawing, watercolor and acrylic painting.
  • Read art skills books about drawing and watercolor
  •  Keep a visual journal of art concepts and exercises. 
  • Attend hands-on workshops to enhance my knowledge of drawing and painting.
  • Participate in online art workshops to improve skills.
  • Present a workshop at the Wisconsin Art Education Association Conference sharing my lesson plans.

There is more on this plan, including timetables, and extra info, but this is the general gist.  We have 5 years now to complete our plans and work on all these objectives.  If you would like to see the entire plan, I can send you a pdf of my plan in progress.  As I complete the activities, I will make notes about the activity and the date completed.  I need to gather "artifacts" about the activities to submit at the end.

Also, this is my rough draft and I am planning on having a friend read through it to check grammar and content. 


ArtCBrannen said...

Marcia, I recently discovered your blog when researching examples of an art educator's pdp. I wanted to let you know that the material you have posted has been a big help since my goal of interconnecting core class curriculum into my art curriculum is similar to your goal. At this time I was wondering if you could send me any additional material you have done for your pdp? Thank you for your time and the great ideas you have posted.

Charles Brannen
K-12 Art Educator School District of Greenwood.

Marcia said...

I haven't really added anything except fitting in the activities to meet these goals, such as working on curriculum, going to the national conference, etc. I'd love to see what you are doing as well!

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Carrie Hooper said...

This is my first year teaching and we have to write a PDP at the beginning of the year. Your post is super helpful! Thanks!

Sturgeon TEC Blog said...

I'm an art educator in Missouri. We have now started using the NEE, Network for Educator Effectiveness, through the University of Missouri.

My district is wanting us to fill out this form to show how we are working on PD throughout the school year. The plan is laid out much like the Backwards Design Model. Of course, there is not an example to go by when it comes to Fine Arts. I was wondering if you would like to share your entire PD document?

Thanks so much,

Allan said...

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