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Saturday, March 31, 2012

NAEA Session Handouts

Are you bummed because you didn't get to go to the NAEA Conference this year?   Did you go to the conference and miss a session you wanted to see because you were busy scoring free samples?   Have you never heard of the NAEA conference and want to know what kinds of things go on there?  

The session handouts are up on the NAEA website.  So, if a presenter uploaded their session powerpoints or handouts they are there.  It's a great way to get new ideas and see what you missed!

You should be able to see them without logging in.

Have a great Spring Break (to those of you who are on Spring Break now)  and don't forget to spend some quality "you-time" making art of your own!

Recent artwork by Me!  (Cabinet of Curiosities #3, February 2012, Marcia Beckett)

1 comment:

Phyl said...

Thanks for posting this, Marcia. I knew they would be posted but I forgot to check and see if they were up yet. As my workshop choices were not so great, I'm hoping by exploring this stuff I'll find something worthwhile that I missed while in NYC. Thanks :)


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