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Thursday, March 8, 2012

My trip to the NAEA conference!

Here is a slideshow about my trip to the NAEA conference in New York!

NAEA No Video

I also submitted a student artwork to the Artsonia Big Screen Plaza exhibit, which is shown in the video below.


Mr. E said...

Your slide show was wonderful! Thank you for sharing(and organizing it)!!

Art Project Girl said...

You are awesome! I hardly took enough pics:) I was totally overwhelmed with all the choices and am still in info overload!!! IT WAS AMAZING! and so great to meet you. Your slide show has given me a starting point for the presentation I have to give to my colleagues THANK YOU!

Phyl said...

Great slide show. Good think I don't have to give a report because I really blew it on workshop selections. But it was fabulous meeting you and other bloggers and just being there in the company of so many enthusiastic art teachers. Wonderful!!

Marcia said...

Thanks! I had so much! It was great to meet you guys. Feel free to use any of the slides or images in your presentation. This is the slideshow and video I'm going to show at our next staff meeting to share my experiences.


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