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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Update from New York

Wow, I have been non-stop busy!  I try to pack in as much as possible at the convention, because I figure I can sleep when I get home.  Some of the highlights so far are hearing Peter Max speak, meeting Barney Saltzberg who wrote Beautiful OOps, hearing an awesome presentation about a year of kindergarten lessons, meeting art teachers from all over the US and Canada, catching up with many old friends from college, trying out lots of new art supplies and perusing books from the vendors, buying things from the artisans, walking around and avoiding getting hit by taxis and so forth. 

I have not been able to update about my days as much as I'd like, because the internet connection in our room is ridiculous and basically every 2 minutes the screen will freeze up.  So I've just been quickly checking my email in those 2 minute spans and then having to log off and restart.  I figure when I get home I will do some picture-heavy posts and explain everything in more detail. 

Last night I was able to meet Phyl from There's a Dragon in My Art Room.  That was a great time!  We went out to dinner and walked around to souvenir shops.  I also got to "meet"  Mr. E from Art with Mr. E! 

Today I am going to hear Chuck Close talk, Olivia Gude, get a Journal Junkies book signed by the authors, pop on over to the MOMA for a bit, visit more sessions... then we have an Illinois State Art alumni meetup at the bar...


Phyl said...

So glad we met! I feel like I've known you for years! We'll have to do this again in another city.

Mr. E said...

:) It was a joy to meet you(I'm sure..ha ha ha)!!!


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