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Friday, November 18, 2011

Pointillist Trees- third/fourth grade

We learned about the artist Georges Seurat by reading Scholastic Art magazine. Students identified and described Pointillist paintings.   They created a Pointillist painting of trees showing dimension and form by color mixing.

Step 1:  Introduce the work of Georges Seurat.
Step 2:  Choose a smaller sized piece of paper.  We used 9 x 12".  Lightly sketch a landscape with pencil. 
Step 3:  Using a paintbrush, Q-tip or pencil eraser, dip the end into paint and dab dots of color on your picture.  Include various shades and colors in each section.  For example, in your grass, use dots of yellows, greens and browns. 


Tatiana S. said...

Bellissimi lavori!

Art at Chesterbrook Academy Elementary School said...

What a great lesson to teach the method of Pointillism.

The trees are beautiful, I love them all.

Emma said...

I enjoyed a series on the Impressionists recently & thse works are lovely. had fun looking at a few 'artists in blogland', too!

Jacqueline Cassidy said...

Great post. i wanted to introduce you to a children's book about artist Georges Seurat. It's called "The Primary Kids Meet Georges Seurat." I wrote, illustrated and published the book after being inspired, as an art teacher, to create stories that can be used to teach young students. It was a long process, but a very rewarding one too!


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