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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Medieval Coat of Arms-- 5th grade

Our 5/6 class is going to host a Madrigal Dinner, complete with musical acts.  The music teacher asked us to make decorations for the dinner.  The kids each made their own Coat of Arms.  We read a little bit about the significance of Coat of Arms and the symbols used.  The children then drew their own Coat of Arms with symbols and designs that represented themselves and their family.  Then, we assembled them all on to long banners of blue fabric.  I used hot glue and the Smart Fab fabric.  Smart Fab sent me some rolls for samples earlier this year.  I liked cutting the fabric, it was very easy to cut.  The hot glue burned some holes through the fabric, but that is ok, because the paper covers up the holes.  We made several long banners with about 6 Coat of Arms on them and then a few shorter ones with only 2 Coat of Arms on them.  Here are some pictures.

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