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Friday, July 1, 2011

Daria's first art class and Create With Me magazine

We had Daria's (my daughter) first art class today and she really enjoyed the water cup!  The kids painted on the floor and there was a big tarp protecting the floor.  Some kids used their hands, others brushes and others used their feet.  Some of the other objects the kids (aged 18 months-3 years old) used to paint with were


Painting with a rope.. what does it do?

And here's something cool, the people over at Somerset Studio magazine just launched a new magazine called Create with Me.  I didn't submit anything to the magazine, but I sent them a couple pictures of Daria making art for their "launch party".  So if you look at this website and scroll all the way down to the bottom,  you can see 2 pictures of Daria (the little blonde hair girl) in the photo gallery. 


Art Project Girl said...

Awww How much fun! I hope you had a hose or big sink handy. She's so cute!!!

Marcia said...

Thanks! They had a couple buckets of water to dip the kids legs in. She went right in the kiddie pool when we got home! How are you doing?


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