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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Art Teacher SHOWCASE!! Installment #5

Today I am featuring Karen Bosch on the 5th installment of the Art Teacher Showcase.  
1) My name is Karen Bosch and my blog is Pixels and Paintbrushes:  I also have a personal blog called Clever Karen which features the creative side of my non-teaching life:

2) Last year was my FIRST year teaching elementary art at Southfield Christian School in Southfield, Michigan USA.  However, I am not a new teacher -  I spent many years teaching third grade and for about 10 years have been the technology teacher for K - 8.  Because of budget issues, I spent the previous year teaching 5th grade and last year teaching art and technology.  I started following many art blogs to help me learn about teaching art and to get inspiration for projects.  My blog features both technology and art projects and many projects combine both areas!

3) One of my best projects from the year was creating papier maché penguin online story books! The project combined a papier maché art project with story writing and photography and audio recording using an iPod!  The art project is blogged here (  and the iPod storybook is blogged here (

4) My favorite book to help inspire art ideas has been the Usborne Complete Book of Art Ideas (  Over 400 cool ideas that can be adapted to all kinds of projects!

5) My favorite product in the art room is not anything unique.  It is the black Sharpie marker!  I have been using them in all kinds of projects.  A Sharpie outline helps make any project POP!

Here are some more pictures from Karen's blog:

Karen also has a lot of videos and slideshows on her blog:
Karen Bosch
K - 8 Technology/Elementary Art
Southfield Christian School

If you want to be featured on my blog, then answer the following questions.  Please email them to me at  Don't comment on this post with your answers.  If you do email me your answers, you will give me permission to post a couple images from your blog to include in the blog post (with of course, a link to your blog).  If you only feel like answering a few questions, that is fine too.  I would also be happy to feature your own personal artwork.

1.  The name and URL of your blog
2.  A brief description of your blog and why it is awesome.  Tell us where you live and work, what you do, etc. 
3.  An example of a tried and true art lesson favorite that you have taught. (could be in a workshop setting, school setting, or just with your own children or yourself, no exclusions here!)  Give me a link to a post about that lesson, so I can include a link and photo.
4.  A favorite, must-have art teacher or art technique book.
5.  Your favorite product for the art room.

So, what are you waiting for? Email me today about your blog!!"


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Clever Karen said...

Thanks for featuring my blog this week! As a newbie art teacher, I appreciated the opportunity to make some new connections!

Marcia said...

You're welcome! It's fun to show off all of our hard work!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Hi....I linked to this post over on my bulletin board blog. I hope you don't mind. jan


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