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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Old School Throwback!-- with YOUR LINKS

Here is one of my favorite little clay projects I have done.  We made clay monsters.  I taught this project about 5 years ago and I haven't done it again.  I think I will do it again this year.  These are really easy.  You just make a pinch pot, turn it on its side and then add your features.  We painted these with neon tempera paints.  Acrylic paints would probably work better. We also spray varnished them.

And now it's your turn!!  Find an old blog post or create a new blog post about an old lesson you taught a while back and maybe want to revive or try again.  Maybe the lesson didn't really work as you planned and you are going to make some tweaks on it.  Maybe you posted about this project a couple years ago and you want it to see the light of day again.   It can be as simple as looking at the very beginning of your blogging and linking up to that.


Phyl said...

Fun idea. The project I linked isn't my flashiest by any means. As a matter of fact, when I posted this lesson more than a year ago, there was not a single comment posted. But I think it highlights an important skill set, and is a lesson I'll be teaching again this year, though without the contest element I hope.

Phyl said...

I guess this post of yours didn't draw much attention from vacationing art teachers... except me :-)

Thanks for your comment about my poster lesson. I haven't decided yet what the theme will be this year. I usually do the lesson with multi-grade levels - 4/5/6 if I can work it out time-wise (though that may not happen). Anyways, If I do it at more than one grade level I'll probably pick a different theme for each grade, maybe even for each class (there's only 2 or 3 classes at each grade level). Thanks for your interest.

Phyl said...

By the way - me again again - your pinch pot monsters are adorable. I use air-dry clay (no kiln) and the challenge is making sure add-ons stay attached, but this could work.

Marcia said...

I know! I guess summer is a busy time or people aren't reading teaching blogs now :) I have a lot more free time to spend on the internet now. Let me know what the themes you choose for your posters are. I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do.


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