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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tape and Sticker Pictures

box of stickers
This was a super fun art project that I forgot to blog about earlier.  We did this at the summer art class I taught at my school.  Tape and sticker pictures.  I wrote about tape and sticker pictures earlier which I love to do with my 20 month old daughter.  The above picture is a box of stickers I made.  I took some sticky address labels, and color photocopied some patterned paper onto the sticky labels.  Then, I cut them into strips, so the stickers would be little squares and rectangles.  The kids used these stickers plus all types of colored tape to make pictures!  There is a wide range of colored tapes you can buy from art catalogs.  Thin, thick, medium sized, neon colored.. etc. I also had some alphabet rubber stamps that some of the kids chose to use on their pictures.  I didn't give the kids any restrictions, because I wanted this to be an exploration of their creativity... of what they could do with a line...how they could arrange stickers and colors to make a cohesive picture...  These were done by kids in grades K-4.


The Activity Mom said...

So fun! Shared your idea on fb and twitter! =)

albina N muro said...

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