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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Old School Lesson Plans

During the summer, I'm going to dig back to some of my old lesson plans that I had posted on to show to you.  Maybe I will revisit these again during the upcoming school year.  This was favorite of mine and I don't know why I stopped teaching it. The pictures all turned out gorgeous.

CUBIST CATS  for Second Grade
The kids learned about Picasso and his dynamic, fragmented Cubist artwork.

1.  First we did a step-by-step drawing of a cat.  I demonstrated, then they drew on their paper.  The cats all ended up having their own personality even though we followed the same steps.
2.  Next, take a ruler and draw diagonal lines through the cats.  Divide up the space to create the fragmented feeling.
3.  Go over the lines with a black marker.  Finally color in each of the sections with a different color colored pencil.

Teacher Tip:  Demonstrate how to color with colored pencils in an even and solid manner.
The artist books by Mike Venezia are awesome.

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Tisha Smith said...

Thanks for sharing. I did this lesson w/ my students!
Here it is:



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