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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Art Camp 1st Day

I am teaching 2 days of art camp in the afternoons this week.  On Monday, one of the projects we made were sun tiles.  I picked up some glossy ceramic tiles from the hardware store.  They looked at a few pictures of Mexican clay suns and they sketched their sun idea on a piece of paper.  Then, using pencil and sharpie markers, they drew their sun on the tile.  On the back of the tile I superglued a picture hanger.  I also sprayed the pictures with a sealant, but I think you could probably leave the sealant off.  The ages of the kids were mostly Kindergarten and 1st grade, with a few older kids as well.  I love these!  A perfect summer project.

Sketching the sun

Ceramic Sun Tile
Picture of a Mexican clay sun

Picture hanger glued to back


Nikkie said...

I just discovered your blog (ok, a few weeks ago really, but I'm just now getting to browse it) and LOVE it! I teach high school art, but I'm still very inspired, motivated and impressed by all you're doing. We have the opportunity this summer to update our curriculum and your site has given me lots of ideas! I also love the way each student's work is different, but similar. Like, I can tell they are the same assignment, but each student is allowed to put their own twist to it. They dont look cookie-cutter or like you did the work for them. You are working really hard and doing a great job! Keep up the great work!

Marcia said...

Nikkie, Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy my blog. I only teach up to 6th grade, but I'm excited that you are getting ideas for your curriculum. This was a high school art site I thought was really cool also:


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