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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Superheroes on Canvas

In my summer art class, we painted superhero canvases.  The kids decided what superhero they would like to be and drew these on dry wax paper with markers and colored pencils.  Then I used gel medium (on the backs of the paper) to adhere their images to the canvas board.  Then, they used paints to paint a background.  I love them!!  There is a link to the dry wax paper at the bottom of this post.  The ages of my summer class was K-4th, mostly K and 1. 

The drawing has been glued to the canvas.

Starting to paint the background

Painting canvases

A superhero that can turn things into animals!

Bomb dude... ok, so this one is a bit violent.

Below is the wax paper we used.  As you can see it comes 2 boxes, 500 ct. each box, so this would last a LONG time.  I found out about this stuff by reading Art Projects for Kids.. she uses dry wax paper a lot.

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