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Monday, June 27, 2011

Art Teacher SHOWCASE!!

 For the next installment of Art Teacher Showcase, I am highlighting

What is your blog?

Tell us about yourself and your teaching.
2) I'm a Belgian art-teacher. I have been teaching for 7 years. The last four years I have been teaching children with learning difficulties too. I love teaching them.
Finding projects for those children isn't always easy. It can't be too difficult, but I want to try and find projects they can finish with pride.
I try many different things, try to use new projects every year, try to motivate them as much as I can. I think many other teachers can find inspiration on my blog, just as I have found ideas on all other blogs I follow.

What is a favorite, tried-and-true lesson plan?
3) The simpsons Self-portrait lesson

What is a book you recommend for art teachers?
4) my must have book:

What is a favorite product in your classroom?
5) My favourite product is this:

I don't really know the English name for it, we call it 'Bister'. It is pouder from dried walnut husks. You have to put a bit of the pouder into water and let the pouder 'melt'.
You get a brownish water paint. It looks like old parchment color. I use it to get drawings looking old.
An example lesson is here:

With kind regards
Art lessons from Belgium;

You can also be a part of art teacher showcase.  Here is what I posted earlier.
"Summer months are slow in blogland for teachers.  Most art teachers are taking a break from teaching all day.  Some are doing art camps or personal travels, but I know that in the summer months, not as many teachers post ideas, since we're not teaching full time now.  However, summer free time is a perfect time to research ideas, look at art eye candy, experiment and have fun!  So, what I would like to do to help you out in this summer is to feature different blogs.  Maybe one per week (or more if more people respond).  This will be awesome in several ways.  First, you will be able to get a taste of everyone's favorite art projects and visit new and different blogs.  Second, YOUR BLOG could (and will, if you submit a response to me) be featured and more people will visit you and see all the wonderful things you are doing.  We all make new friends and get new ideas for next year!  Sounds great?  Well it will be!!  So I need your help.  If you want to be featured on my blog, then answer the following questions.  Please email them to me at  Don't comment on this post with your answers.  If you do email me your answers, you will give me permission to post a couple images from your blog to include in the blog post (with of course, a link to your blog).  If you only feel like answering a few questions, that is fine too.  I would also be happy to feature your own personal artwork.

1.  The name and URL of your blog
2.  A brief description of your blog and why it is awesome.  Tell us where you live and work, what you do, etc. 
3.  An example of a tried and true art lesson favorite that you have taught. (could be in a workshop setting, school setting, or just with your own children or yourself, no exclusions here!)  Give me a link to a post about that lesson, so I can include a link and photo.
4.  A favorite, must-have art teacher or art technique book.
5.  Your favorite product for the art room.

So, what are you waiting for? Email me today about your blog!!"

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