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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Circular Weaving

The 2nd graders made circular weavings this week.  Some are still finishing up.  They are like the ones we made at the weaving camp I taught. 

Here is the big jumble of yarn that I have in one of the boxes.  I just put this out and the kids pulled out the yarn they wanted from the jumble.  I hate to waste yarn (or any art supplies) and this tangle of yarn is a tad bit overwhelming to untangle.  They did a great job putting together colors to make interesting patterns. 


Pam Speaker said...

I love these! The feathers add a nice touch. My yarn box looks like that too!

jessica Johnston said...

do you cut off the excess cardboard or just let it show. I never know what to do with the excess. As the weaving goes along all the yarn seems to bunch up.

Marcia said...

Jessica, Hey! I just leave them on the nice white circles. We tried taking the off before and the yarn does bunch up quite a bit. That's why we add the feathers for some extra pizazz.


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