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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weaving Wonders Camp Part 2

Circular Weaving is another one of my favorite ways to teach weaving. We did these circular weavings at my Weaving Wonders camp. Beesybee Fiber's has an explanation as to how it's done. Obviously, this link shows a very advanced form of this weaving. What we did was to take these mini-pizza cardboard circles and cut an uneven number of slits in them. Then we set up the loom by poking the yarn through the center and then each attach to each of the slits. Kids who are older than grade 2 could probably set up the loom themselves. The example below is by a child who just finished kindergarten. I like how they look when they are left on the loom. Weaving is tiring for little hands and so since we were running short on time, she finished the weaving by poking in feathers and those silk flowers from an old lei. Magnificent! Using a variety of textures, beads and feathers, these projects could be amazing!

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