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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Water bottle Flowers

At the very end of last year, my third grade students cut apart plastic water bottles to make these flowers.  I started them off by cutting the bottom of the bottle off, then they continued with scissors.  You can round off the edges to make the petals look more realistic.  Then, these were painted with acrylic paint.  I hot glued these down to a large white piece of foam board.  Some kindergarten students also made little round lumps of model magic and then poked wire, beads and chenille stems through the model magic.  These were also glued to the final piece.


Erica said...

Hey I love these!!! I am surprised the acrylic stuck! I will try that. Did you see my post last year??? I posted the same idea too. Great minds.

Kathy said...

That's great! The flower sculptures look like glass. They might work well to help introduce the work of the glass artist Dale Chihouly.

Marcia said...

Erica, I did see your post after I had the kids make them! We actually made them at the end of last year and I just glued them all together this year. They are so fun!

Kathy, they would fit right into a Chihuly project!


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