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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Graphic Design for 5/6s

How is design used in daily life?  What do graphic designers create?  How can we investigate a variety of symbols and fonts?   How can we use appropriate symbols, colors and fonts to represent ourselves visually?  Using letters and numbers, the 5/6s created a design that is meaningful to them. 

learned about the artists Robert Indiana and Bradbury Thompson.

Logos, careers and originality were the concepts stressed in this unit.  After the kids made these images, I shrunk the pictures down in a digital photo and they chose text to add to make a business card!  These were so much fun to make.  Although, I can't post the actual business cards because they have the kids' personal info on them.


Phyl said...

These are fabulous - what a great lesson!

Barbara said...

I'm so impressed with the quality of work you got from your students! they cannot really be in 5th/6th ;o)! thanks for sharing.

Johon King said...

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Thank you


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