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Monday, September 27, 2010

Fabric Quilts

Primary Quilt Squares

Why do people make quilts?  How can a quilt tell the history of a family?  Can a quilt be art?  What is a pattern?  The Primaries discussed these questions and viewed pictures of quilts.

In Science class, the kids are learning about properties and attributes.  How do you observe things?  How do you use your 5 senses to learn more?  You can use your eyes to see and your fingers to feel these quilts.  You can describe the texture of the materials—rough, smooth, hard, soft.  You can describe the color.  You can describe the luster—shiny, dull or sparkly.  You can describe shapes.  Is the material thick or thin?  Does it have a pattern or is it a solid color?  How does the edge of the material look?  Is the material clear or opaque? 

These fabric collages were made with burlap, felt, fabric scraps, ribbons, buttons, sequins and jewels. 

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