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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tile Mosaic

The other tile mosaics I posted were just an "art illusion".  See I didn't actually glue anything down.  I was just trying to play with different arrangements before I actually made it permanent.  I decided the more tiles the better, make it look really busy.  My motto always tends to be "More is more."  These tiles include 4 large ceramic floor tiles that I bought at the hardware "reStore" and 10 smaller ceramic floor tiles.  These were painted with inks.  Then I have 8 small commercially made tiles.  Finally, 10 more pieces are made from Sculpey.  These clay Sculpey tiles were "test runs" for a project I want to do at school with the kids.  We make mosaics in the 4/5 class and I think it would be more fun to have them make some of their own tiles.  I tested out making some with regular firing clay also.  We'll see how those look when they are all finished.

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