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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Primary Self-Portraits and Machinery Drawings

I started out the year with the Primary students (1st grade) drawing small, quick self portraits. One kid drew himself as a pirate! lol.

The 4/5s (4th/5th graders mixed) looked at gears and drew them from observation.  I also had pictures of gears and machinery for them to look at.  I showed them basic steps to add shading and value.  After they had drawn 3+ gears, I told them that we would be turning them into inventions.  We had things like a cupcake maker or lego sorter!  We read the Scholastic Art magazine about Leonardo DaVinci's sketches and viewed pictures of his inventions. 
gears to draw  

I'm still trying to figure out how to format pictures on this blogger.  Every time I try to place 2 pictures next to each other, it either looks wonky or just does not work.  Am I doing something wrong?


Mary said...

I love these gear invention drawings! Great idea. I have the same problem formatting pictures. They are all over the place when I'm trying to keep them organized. So I've been using when I want to display a group together.

Marcia said...

Mary, I do use a lot to alter photographs. How do you collage them together on picnik?

Janie B said...

I don't know how to do that either. Maybe I'll learn something here. I've never heard of, but I'm heading there now.

Mary said...

Marcia, after you log onto picnik, there is a whole folder to the right of "upload" for creating collages for up to 4 photos for a free account. You can do multiple photos for about $25 a year. Hope this helps!

Christy Hartman said...

I love this gear project. What an excellent idea. Love how you incorporated the use of value.


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