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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pop Art Portraits

These lovely Pop Art portraits were created by our 2nd graders this week.  We read a book about Andy Warhol and watched a video about Pop Art.  We looked at and discussed Andy's use of bright colors, repetition and popular subject matter.  The artwork we focused on was his self portrait.   To prepare, cut a 9x12" piece of paper into 4 pieces.  You will need one quarter piece for each child.  The kids looked in a mirror to draw themselves on this paper.  Draw with pencil, then outline with a thin black sharpie.  Urge the kids to finish in one class period.  At the end of this period, take the pictures and photocopy them so each child has 4 copies.  Cut these apart for the kids.  Then, they should color each photocopy with bright markers.  When they are finished coloring all of the copies, they should choose a 9x12" piece of colored construction paper to glue all of their pictures on.

Here is the book and video we discussed. Andy Warhol (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists)     Who Is the Artist? Lichtenstein - Thiebaud - Warhol [VHS]

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