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Friday, December 7, 2012

Winter Collages

My posting is going to be limited for a little while.  I burnt four of my fingers on a hot glue gun yesterday and had to go to the urgent care.  Basically the glue dripped on four fingers on my left hand... I was sitting in the teacher's lounge peeling the hot glue off my fingers and crying.  Definitely a shock to the system.  They are ok now... just some throbbing on and off.   I ordered low temp glue guns because I am not going to use those anymore.  So, limited typing now.... just a few pictures of winter collages.


Beverley Baird said...

Very cute.
I do hope your fingers recover quickly. 1 finger is bad enough but four? ouch.
I use the low heat and have still got burned slightly. It happens so quikly.

Kyle McDonald said...

I love the winter collages. I bet your students loved this process!

Phyl said...

Oh dear. I hope you heal quickly!

I switched to low temp hot glue guns several years ago and discovered that for most of my art room uses it held BETTER than the high temp. The trick is you have to work FAST since it dries immediately and there isn't the wiggle time you have when using a high temp gun.


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