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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Charming Hand Tiles-- Kindergarten Mother's Day Gift

We made tiles for Mother's Day with the Kindergartners... I know it's early, and it's a bit crafty, but it is something the parents love to get!  Here is what we did:

1.  I purchased a bunch of glossy floor tiles (glazed already) at our local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store (which is like a surplus/recycling store for building supplies).  Super cheap... like 25 cents each I think.  I love these tiles and they are fun to just draw on also, like we did here.

2.  Then, I explained to the kids what we were going to do and drew out a picture on the board.

3.  The kids had a selection of Sharpies on their table and wrote their names in the corner, and included things like "2012" or "To: Mom" on the other corners.  I told them to write tiny so they would have room for their handprint.  They could also add other doodles or borders if they wanted.  (Steps 2-3 took about 5 minutes)

4.  I then got the kids started on their next art project.

5.  While the kids were busy coloring their next art project, I called the students up one or two at a time and I painted their hand with gold tempera paint.  I helped them press it down and lift it up.  If anything smeared, we grabbed a wet paper towel and wiped it up before it dried.

totally cute, right?

6.  After they dried, the tiles were flipped over and picture hangers were attached with cement glue. 
And usually when I read tutorials I get to a part like this and am like, "what do they mean? attach picture hangers?"  So.. here is a picture of what I used:
Picture hangers, which I also bought from the Re-Store.

Some of the finished tiles.. a few kids were absent and will have to do them later.

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Barbara said...

These are lovely. I think I just may have to copy you:)

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