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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pictures from the Art Room

Here are some scenes from the art room this week!

 We are using appliance parts to build assemblages.

We are painting on wet fabric and will later cut the fabrics and sew theme together for a fabric collage.


Mr. E said...

What are you painting on??? A wet paper towel?? They look super cool. Tell me more!

Marcia said...

We are painting on muslin fabric pieces. We sprayed them with water first and then sprayed as we went. They did turn out cool!

Phyl said...

Marcia, it looks like it has been a fun week! We've had state ELA testing this week and I rescheduled every 3rd grade class and my days have been really crazy. Glad tomorrow is Friday....... Next week is math so I'll be rescheduling again!


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