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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monochromatic Rhythm Paintings-- 3rd Grade

I love these monochromatic rhythm paintings!  The lighting was weird when I took the pictures, so I'm not sure the colors are as vibrant as they really are.  We talked about rhythm in art and how to create it by repetition.  The students learned how to mix shades and tints of one color.  Gold was added at the end for a final touch (so in the end, I allowed them to "cheat" on the monochromatic part, but the gold adds such a fun element.. what do you think?  Can it still be officially a monochromatic painting?).  I also love teaching the etymology of words like this.  I see if they can guess what the word means by breaking it up into parts.  Usually with the collective knowledge of the class, they can figure it out. 


Pat said...

LOVE. GOLD. ALways a GREAT addition to any art project, in my humble opinion! :)

Deepa Gopal Sunil said...

This is really cute...The kids have done it so well... You must be an amazing teacher :)


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