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Friday, December 30, 2011

Year in Review

It's been a great year at Art is Basic.  We've made tons of colorful art and expanded our skills.  My blog now has over 300 followers, which is super cool and way more than I ever thought would look at this blog.  I've gotten tons of new ideas from Pinterest this year which I highly recommend if you haven't checked it out yet.  Here is a year-end roundup of some of my most viewed blog posts.

Art Teacher Blog Directory
This has always been the number one page visited.  So many great art teacher blogs have been added to this list.  Add yours too, if you haven't already!

Bubble Prints

Paper Pulp Pictures

Self Portraits in the Style of Andy Warhol

Sock Snowmen

Islamic Tile Design

And here are a few of MY personal favorites from this year!
Kindergarten flowers in a vase

Alphabet Art

Halloween Wreaths-- these were super fun

Valentine's Prints

Collograph Prints

Hope you all have a Happy Artful New Year!! 

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