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Friday, December 16, 2011

Pacific Northwest Coast Masks-- third/fourth grades

The third/fourth grade classes made paper mache masks.  We used inspiration from the Pacific Northwest Coast masks and viewed a video about their culture.  Here are the steps we used.

Start with a papermache mask form (we used some from Nasco). Then, add appendages with newspapers, LOTS of masking tape, pieces of cardboard, yogurt containers, etc.

So much fun to build up a mask!

After all the parts are very secured with tape (and I mean lots of tape, MORE is better for this project), then add pieces of newspaper strips dipped in paper mache.  We used powdered Elmer's Art Paste.

Paper maching!

Lots of paper mache.  The kids made sure to cover their mask with one or two layers.

ewww.. it's so goopy!  Some of the kids used plastic gloves because they did not like the feel of it.
Paint the masks with acrylic paints.  The children used reference sheets with Pacific Northwest Coast designs on them.  After the paint is dry, hot glue on fur, feathers or raffia

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The Prisoner of Mars said...

hi there - I'm a musician who releases music for free on line - and I'd love to use one of the masks as an album cover. I'll understand if that's not cool with you or the person who made teh mask. Just thought I'd better ask permission (there is no money involved I'm afraid) here is my site and my email address

Thank you!


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