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Monday, January 3, 2011

Islamic Tile Design

Islamic Art
In this project the 5/6s are tying together Social Studies, Math and Art! They are making a geometric tile design (based on their name) using repeating shapes and patterns. They viewed a slide show about characteristics of Islamic art and the variety of types of Islamic art.

Step 1:  Cut 12 x 12" piece of paper.  Fold in half then in half again.

Step 2:  Open and fold one more time, diagonally.

Step Three:  Write your name on one triangle from top to bottom of the triangle.  Use block or bubble letters.

Step Four:  Use carbon paper to flip and flop and trace the name on to each of the triangles.  The name will be a radial design all around.  This is the trickiest part for the kids.

Finally, use markers to draw patterns on the shapes. Use the same colors/patterns on the same letters all the way around.  We used regular markers and also Crayola Color Switcher markers for added pizazz. 

Work in progress by 6th grader


Phyl said...

These are beautiful. I used to do something like this, but haven't for a while - and this has inspired me!

Diane said...

Love this!!

Miss said...

These are beautiful- this project will be an excellent addition to my mosque architecture lesson- thanks for sharing!


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