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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Wreaths

For my Halloween Crafts class, I had 34 kids sign up and I split it into two days.  We had the first session yesterday!  One of the crafts we made were wreaths.  I purchased all kind of Halloween fabric, garland and trinkets and we wrapped, wove and tied them on to the wreath forms.  We used hot glue to attach the little trinkets.  K-5th grade!

A student's finished wreath

All of the kids started with a wreath base and then wrapped and tied the materials on.  The vines were perfect, because you could tuck the ends of the fabric and crepe paper.  

Adding some spider web stuff!

Finished wreaths are awesome!


Alexandriaweb said...

Those are really cool :) I love Halloween :)

The Answer Is Chocolate said...

This turned out so great! Thanks for sharing a this week's BFF Open House link party ( and for being this week's BFF!)

Cath Brookes said...

Love the wreath. I really like orange and black for Halloween. Going shopping Thursday to buy the supplies to make this.

Cath Brookes
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