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Friday, May 13, 2011

Portrait Drawing Exercise from postcard images

Drawing Activity

This drawing activity will help to sensitize you to the variety of drawing styles and qualities.  First, fold your paper in half 3 times in order to make 8 rectangles.  In each of the rectangles, you will make a portrait.  Choose one of the postcards of a portrait to replicate. 

1.     In the first box, draw it as accurately as you can.
2.     In the second box, draw it using quick, squiggly lines.
3.     In the third box, draw it emphasizing shading and shadows.
4.     Draw it very fat.
5.     Draw it filled with patterns and designs.
6.     Draw it made out of geometric shapes.
7.     Draw it as if made of rocks, like a rock wall.
8.     Draw it from memory.

I got this idea from this book:

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