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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Op Art -- 3rd grade

First, we looked at the art of Bridget Riley and the Op art movement.  We read a Scholastic Art issue which features this style of art.  If you don't get these magazines, they are a great investment.  Each year, we subscribe for a class set of this magazine.  Then, I save them each year in an envelope labeled with the issue's title.  After several years, you will have a collection of lots of subjects to choose from.  Both of these Op art activities are discussed step by step on the Incredible Art Department.  Although, it is interesting that the checkerboard design is actually an assignment I had while I was in junior high school and that is where i got the idea from.


Phyl said...

Wow, third grade?! It's all marker, isn't it? I did something similar with paint, and it was challenging for the kids to figure out what color went where! Your kids did a great job!

Marcia said...

Yep, it is all marker. The kids labeled the sections lightly with pencil first and then I scanned them to make sure they looked correct before they started coloring. It is 3rd grade, but I teach at a school for academically gifted, so they excel at this sort of math/spatial thing!


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