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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spooky Silhouettes-- Kindergarten

We just finished these lovely Halloween pictures today.  I don't really like doing "holiday" art during art class unless I can tie in some solid art concepts.  (That's why I sometimes do the fun crafty afterschool classes.)  For this project, the kindergartners learned a few art vocabulary words:

the outline or general shape of something...  a dark image outlined against a lighter background.

Warm Colors

the yellows and reds of the color spectrum, associated with fire, heat, sun, and warmer temperatures;

Reds, oranges, and yellows are warm colors.   

Step 1:  Talk about the difference between warm and cool colors.  Paint backgrounds with tempera paints using warm colors: reds, oranges, yellows.

Step 2:  During the next class period, pass out black and white paper and black markers.  Show the students how to cut out silhouettes of spooky things.  Brainstorm some things they can include in their pictures.  Use black markers to add extra details.

(I think the person on the right might be holding a chainsaw!)

Simple, yet expressive.

This girl spent awhile cutting the fringe for the shutters on the house.

This girl reminded the class that ghosts aren't white, they are INVISIBLE!  (hence the sketchy lines of the ghost) 

There is also THIS super fun spooky silhouette project I saw on Pinterest.  Googly EYES!!


Anonymous said...

This is a lovely idea for the little guys to work on. The contrast is striking. We don't 'do' halloween too much down here, but this idea would transfer well I think. Thank you.

Elizabeth - Dream Painters said...

I do like the white ghosts and other additions, great contrast to the colored background. Like Gretchen, I am a bit careful about 'halloween' projects - but an old tumbledown house is quite ok, and if the artist chooses to add a ghost, well that's an artistic decision isn't it? Thanks for another fun project!

lorik said...

Great results from your class! Very lively and expressive. aaah remembering lesson plans (retired art teacher).


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