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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mondrian-- Primary Colors lesson plan-- Kindergarten

This is a great beginning of the year project for kindergartners. 

During the first 40 min. class period:

1.  Identify the primary colors:  RED, BLUE and YELLOW.  Show the color wheel and discuss.  (During the next project, we experiment with color mixing.)

2.  Teach about the artist Piet Mondrian.  I use a Powerpoint slideshow to show the artworks and explain about his style.  Discuss the straight lines, shapes and colors.

3.  The children glue pre-cut black strips to the paper.

During the second 40 min. class period:

1.  Review the primary colors and pass out crayons.  (Some of the crayons appear to be blue or red, but then when you color it actually looks pink or purple... so either test on a scrap piece of paper or have the kids test them out.)

2.  Color in the sections.  Admire your artwork.

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