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Saturday, October 20, 2012

City Collages- 2nd grade

The second graders had a lot of fun making these recycled city collages.  I got the idea from this project on Pinterest.  The second graders are studying urban and rural communities, so it ties in with their class curriculum.  I precut a whole bunch of squares and rectangles from magazine pages on the cutting board. Then, the students used the shapes (and also paint chip strips) to construct buildings.  Later, they added colorful tape and stickers.


Elizabeth - Dream Painters said...

Great stuff! I especially like the tall blue sky scraper :) Thanks also for the paint chip idea - I think I'll make a trip to my local paint store this afternoon :)

Phyl said...

These are adorable, Marcia. I love the building that says KID!

Katie said...

Can I ask how you present you're art projects? Do you have a finished picture to show the kids so they have an idea of what you want from them, or do you just explain it and let them create?

Marcia said...

Katie, Usually I sit down at the table and have the kids around me. For this one, I showed them how they could arrange the magazine shapes to make buildings. I did not have a finished one to show them. Then, the next period, I show them how they could use the tape to go around the edges of the buildings. I almost always demonstrate some options for them. I find if I just explain it with words I will have a whole lot of questions like, "What do I do??"


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