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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Leaves!-- Kindergarten

Always a popular fall activity, we made leaf rubbings last week.

Then, using our new Gelli Plates, we pulled prints of the leaves.  

To do this, we rolled acrylic paint on the plate.  The kids then rolled textures in the paint using texture rollers.  Leaves were placed on top.  Then, white paper was placed on top of the plate.  We rubbed the back of the paper with our fingers and then pulled the paper off to reveal these leaf prints.                                                                        

To keep the activity organized, I had the kids at their tables doing the crayon rubbings.  Then, I called the kids up three at a time, so I could monitor the printing.  The kids had so much fun using the texture rollers, that sometimes they would roll and roll and roll until the textures were just kind of lumpy.  oh well!  I think we will have to break out the texture rollers again and just play with them on paper.  I precut all of the construction paper squares in various shades of orange, red and yellow.  The next period, the kids gathered their leaf rubbing, leaf print and chose one colored square.  They glued them all together and then could add marker on the frame if they wanted. 

1 comment:

Elizabeth - Dream Painters said...

I love the use of different textures and mediums, all connected with the leaf theme. Excellent :)


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