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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tissue Paper Fun

Our last summer art workshop was a fun one!  We decoupaged tissue paper on to glass vases.  The cylindrical ones could be candle holders.  We tore and cut tissue paper and adhered them to the glasses with Matte Medium.  I hate the smell of mod-podge, so I rarely use it.  I get headaches from it, does anyone else?  I figure if I get headaches from it, it probably is not good for the kids to inhale.  This Blick Matte Medium was fine to work with and I did not think it smelled too badly.  You could also use the gloss medium for a shine (I don't know what that smells like.)  The matte medium dried clear and the pieces stuck on.  I would not immerse the vases in water.

For this project, we used contact paper and tissue paper to make a faux stained glass hanging.  Lay the contact paper sticky side up and place your shapes on it.  Then, put another piece of contact paper sticky side down and sandwich the tissue paper in between. 

We used glitter in ours.  However, using too much glitter made it hard for the contact paper to stick together!  There are many fun tissue paper projects online ...  like this one and this one!


city said...

thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I've often done the tissue paper collage, but not thought to put it on glass. Do you think it'll work with watered PVA glue? This would make a great mothers day gift.

Marcia said...

Watered PVA glue would probably work, just test it out first!

Mrs. Impey said...

I've done the tissue paper collage before and used plain Elmer's School Glue. My treasure box at school is a shoe box covered with the tissue paper and glue, and when I was younger I remember covering baby food jars with the glue and tissue paper to make tea light holders!


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