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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Monoprinting with Markers

Thank you to Mrs. Jahnig for this wonderful idea.  I had pinned this monoprinting technique on my Pinterest board, but now it appears the link to her blog is gone.  Are you out there Mrs. Jahnig?  Anyways, today was another one of my summer art workshops with kids at school.  We did monoprinting with markers. 

1.  Draw on a piece of plexi-glass with washable markers.

In progress design.

2.  Spray your paper with water, two or three sprays.  Then, flip the paper over on to the plexi-glass and rub the back.

3.  Lift the print carefully from the plate.  You will need to experiment to get the right amount of water on the paper. 

Here is a print with a little too much water on the paper.. the marker spreads out like watercolor.  Still nice, but we tried another drawing with less water.



Mr. E said...

She just changed school..not sure if she's going to start up another blog or not? I'll ask her!! :) Will see her a week from tomorrow when we are back to school for inservices.

Mrs. C said...

These are awesome! I love all the things you can do water based markers! Thanks for sharing! :)

kszwahl said...

I think this is great. I want to try it. Do you remember what kind of paper was used?

Marcia said...

Thanks Mr. E. Thanks Mrs. C and kszwahl for your comments. We used regular white construction paper.

Mr. E said...

She had changed something with her domain name...and changed it back?!?! Something like that..this should work now.


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