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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Clay Leaf Dishes-- Kindergarten

Near the end of the school year we had the lovely opportunity to have the grandfather of one of our students come into the classroom to teach us more about clay.  He is a ceramicist in the area.

He showed the kindergartners how to form a clay slab over a styrofoam dome form.  Leaves were pressed into the dish before forming the dish.  Aren't these beautiful?

Three little balls were rolled and pressed on the bottom for feet.

The dishes were glazed with one layer of glaze to provide transparent color for the dishes.


Hopeless said...

Nice,i believe my kids will really like that art preparation.Do i have to make it dry? I mean those leaf?

Michael from

Marcia said...

Michael, we used leaves that were just freshly picked, so they don't have to be dried. Thanks!


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