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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gridded Drawings-- 5th/6th grade

This was another fun project at the end of the year.  The 5th/6th grade students marked off a one inch grid on their white paper.  Then, they chose a photo to enlarge and draw.  It could be a person (some chose a parent, others chose famous people) or it could be an animal.  I photocopied grids on to transparencies and these were taped on top of their photo.  Then, they drew their picture square by square.  There are many resources, such as this page, on the internet to explain how to use the grid technique.   The students watched short video clips from You Tube about Chuck Close. These are two good ones:  Chuck Close Writes Note to His Younger Self. and Trailer for A Portrait in Progress.  Did you know Chuck Close has face blindness?  That is a fascinating clip from 60 minutes about face blindness.



Paintbrushes and Pedicures said...
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Paintbrushes and Pedicures said...

I discovered my GCSE (high school) Art folder recently and it in were a few of the gridded drawings I did - 22 years ago! I've still got the grid I made! I clearly remember doing them and your post has brought back loads of memories of my school art!
Take care x


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