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Monday, September 12, 2011

How I organize my paints

I know many people have different ways to organize painting days.  I just pour the paints into little cups with lids.  I get them fairly cheaply from a local restaurant supply store.  The kids share the colors with the kids at their tables.  They mix colors directly onto newspapers.  When the class is finished, they learn to put the lids back on and return them to the counter.  These paints last at least a month in the containers.  When the paint is gone or dried out, I just squeeze out more paint on top.  There is very little waste.  After a couple months, I will end up having to throw away the containers, but not too often.  If the lids are fairly clean, I will reuse the lids too.  I put all the paint cups in a nice box and store them away until the next day we paint. 


Fine Lines said...

I use the same little portion cups (from Smart & Final). I arrange one of each color on small meat trays (also from Smart & Final) so the trays are easy to place on each table. The trays also are easy to stack on top of each other. I like these little cups because if somebody really messes up a color not too much paint is wasted cleaning and refilling a cup! What would we do without our little favorite containers?!

Phyl said...

I also use these; I order them from School Specialty. I sometimes put them on trays (old lunch trays with newspaper on them) on each table, or set them into muffin tins, but sometimes, when I mix a zillion different colors for painting a papier-mache project, I put out just one or two of each color and put them on a big tray in a central location. The kids take one color at a time, and when they want a new color, they must put one back. It works well. And then I refill them until they get downright nasty!

Miss said...

Great tip about a restaurant supply company. I didn't know 'regular people' could buy from them. I'll have to see if my city has one.

Deborah (Teach Preschool) said...

Great idea - I use these too!


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