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Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween Ideas

So, you all know by now that I love love love Pinterest.  While I was browsing this wonderful site which had to have been created by an art teacher, I found these adorable monsters:

Squeeeee!  Aren't they so cute???  Here is the HOW TO MAKE...  So I decided I just had to make one of these.. and I did.  I don't have pics of mine at home, but I will post them later.  What I did instead of using the juice box and rice was just used a chunk of wood scrap, which was the perfect weight and size.  Also, while also googling Halloween ideas, I found these really cool and funky Halloween wreaths:

AWESOME, right??

So I decided I just had to make these with some kids.  My daughter is too young for this sort of thing, she's not even 2 yet, so I decided I am going to make these with kids at school.  I was debating when and how and was thinking they might be too crafty, not fit into my curriculum, etc.   So I came up with a really fun idea to have an afterschool SPOOKY CRAFT CLASS!  We are going to make these from 3:15-5:00 one Tuesday before Halloween.  I'm going to send out registration forms this week.  We also must eat some candy, of course...

Doesn't that sound like a super fun spooky spectacular time???  I can't wait.  I went to the dollar store near my house tonight to buy sparkly garland, little trinkets to glue on the wreaths, random other things to wrap around the wreaths and I stopped at the Savers to buy some orangy fabric stuff.   Hopefully I will be able to find some wreath bases that won't cost me an arm and a leg.  I'm going to go to a couple other craft stores tomorrow to see if I can pick up the wreath bases, some tulle and some cobweb stuff.  Do you think an hour and 45 minutes would be enough time to make both of these projects?  The wreaths just involve wrapping, tying and me hotgluing things.  The monsters just involve cutting and gluing felt, so that should be easy... 

Also, here's something cool... you can see if anybody pinned images from your blog by typing in:  and then just replacing my blog name for your blog name.  I really think that is the reason why I've had a huge jump in my readership over the past month or so...

Here is a Halloween silhouette project I did last year with the kindergartners.  I'm planning on doing this again soon...

Also here are some ghosts in a bedroom:

And here are some fun Halloween thumbprints:

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