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Saturday, August 27, 2011


I'm on Pinterest too.... I know a lot of my art teacher friends have joined recently.   I don't think of it as one more thing online to keep up with, but just to browse through whenever I get bored!  It's a good way to see lots of inspirational photos.

Find me:   http://pinterest.com/marciabeckett/pins/

Here's some fun photos from pinterest.


Phyl said...

I just pinned that hair onto my "stuff I love" board. My hair is white and would take dye easily (I dyed a hot pink streak a couple of years back for a friend going through breast cancer chemo - she's the gal whose head I painted w/henna). Anyhow, if my hair was long enough to braid, I'd do this in a heartbeat, if I knew how. I tried to trace back the link but didn't find the image on the blog it came from. I'm sure it's there somewhere, but I couldn't find an easy way to locate it.

Anyhow, just gorgeous!!!!

Calling All Sleepyheads said...

I put off Pinterest for awhile too bc I didn't think I needed another thing to keep up with, but it's really not much trouble at all. I've seen so many cool things and found a ton of neat new blogs!


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