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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Book Review!

Here is a really cool book I found. It's called "Willy Whyner, Cloud Designer."  I'm not really sure how I would use this in the classroom, but the pictures are awesome.  It's about a boy who's a dreamer and thinks about clouds.  Then he goes into the business of designing clouds.

Look!  His parents look like the people from American Gothic!

Clouds in the sky!

A moon cloud!  A whale cloud!

Even advertising clouds!

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If you want to see this book, go to amazon:


Katie Morris said...

I did a lesson when I was student teaching based on Eric Carle's Little Cloud. I had Kindergarten students tear pieces of paper and arrange them to form an animal. Maybe you could do cloud drawings? There is actually a word that I can't remember, and it's driving me crazy, that was in my Developmental Psychology textbook that had to do with the part of your brain that organizes parts into a whole, which includes the ability to look at something like a cloud and see a picture! Sorry this is a really long comment!

artworks_studio said...

I just walked across the street to the library to look at this book. What an inspiration for some many jumping off points. Thanks for reviewing it!


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