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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Inspirational Book I'm "reading"

I am going through this book called The Element, by Ken Robinson.  I'm actually listening to it in my car on cd!  I find that listening to books on cd is a good way to pass the time in the car.  I've only listened to about a half an hour, but I already recommend it.  It is all about creativity, nurturing different types of intelligences, finding and developing talent and pursuing a career that utilizes all of your creative talent.  So far it is fascinating.  I heard of this book from Jessica Balsey's website, the Art of Education.  I would love to take one of her classes and I will probably do so someday. However this year I already have all of my professional development workshops and conventions lined up, but maybe next summer.  Have you read anything good lately?

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kszwahl said...

I enjoy Ken Robinson's TED Talks and I have always wanted to read one of his books. I never thought of a CD I always listen to them on the way to work, I will look his up!
Have a great year!

theartofed.com said...

We'd love to have you in a class anytime! :) I hope you liked the book. It's one of my favorites to teach and read because it re-inspires me every single time and I always learn something more about myself when I read it. :) Good luck with the new school year!


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