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Friday, August 5, 2011

Giveaway, Part 2

Part 2 of my Giveways starts now!  I am cleaning out my book shelves.  Several of the books I have are duplicates from my home collection with the ones my school has.  Since I have reached 200 followers, I want to thank the people that read and respond to my posts and contribute awesome blog posts in return.  Even if you have never commented before, now is your chance.  If you would like a chance to win this book, I will randomly pick a winner next week Friday.  Simply leave a comment to be entered in the drawing.  U.S. and Canada only please.  The giveaway is for the book Let's Meet Famous Artists (seen to the left).

And because I need to have a picture in my posts:  here's your photo for the day:

Summertime Funtime at the Fair


Katie Morris said...

I'm curious what books you have... I love books! I keep adding to my wish list.

teebo said...

grat picture I would love to win this book!

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

I LOVE designing projects around favorite books- this would be a great inspiration for my LP's- thanks for the chance!

MaryAnn said...

Thanks for the chance to win the greeting card book. I'm curious to see what kinds of ideas they have... If I win this one, I'll keep it and use it!! Thank you,

Marcia said...

Oh, it's not a greeting card book.. that was a giveaway from last year. sorry MaryAnn.. This one is for teaching about famous artists.

Angie said...

Always love new books!

Anonymous said...

Nice Picture. I have been collecting books from amazon this summer, hoping to spark some interest in my students this semester. I have been really into mixed media recently and am looking forward to getting at least some of my students excited about it too!

KellieD said...

I too LOVE books! I always hope to find a great book that will inspire me to be the best art teacher I can be. This one would be a nice addition to what I bought this summer about utilizing art history in the classroom. Thanks for offering this up to everyone out here!
Kellie Determan
Waterford, Michigan

Anonymous said...

I am always looking for great art books full of ideas to help inspire my art students. And I love that lessons even for K-5 students can be adapted for older ones!

thelovelythalia (at)

Suzanne said...

I am new to this site, I teach high school Art and our first day of classes will be August 15.

Anonymous said...

I love your site. It is inspiring.


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